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MLIS Staff

Academic Leadership

Prof. Shie Mannor, MLIS Co-director

Professor Shie Mannor

Shie is a Professor at the Technion’ s Electrical Engineering department, working in the fields of machine learning, decision making, and control.
For the last 15 years, he was involved in cutting-edge research in these fields spanning from theoretical research to highly applied work.
Shie’s activities extend well beyond academia as the co-founder of 3 start-up companies and scientific consultant to many actors in the AI Space.

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Prof. Assaf Schuster, MLIS Co-director

Assaf is a Professor at the Technion’ s Computer Science department, working in the realms of Distributed and Scalable Deep Learning, Internet of Things as well as privacy and Cyber Security. Assaf is an IEEE and ACM fellow and his work encompasses both theoretical and applied research.
Beyond his academic work, Assaf was instrumental in establishing the nascent Israeli Machine and Deep Learning eco-system as the co-founder of 2 start-up companies and as an advisory board member and consultant to multiple companies.

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Non-Academic Staff

Bella Shavit, MLIS Administrative Manager

Bella Shavit

Bella is an experienced research support admin. Bella has extensive experience with research grant acquisition and budget management as well as logistical organization in academic settings. Bella specializes in management of large, complex and multi-partner research grants from various funding agencies including EC, Israeli and American research grants as well as facilitating academia-industry collaboration.






Sagiv Segal, MLIS Business Development Manager (External)

Sagiv is an experienced academic business developer and research strategy consultant. Walking on the borderline between technology, research and finance, academic research offices and companies seek Sagiv’s assistance to transform long-term research goals into a viable research funding strategy. Sagiv also assists academic and industrial researchers in the process of grant scoping and  proposal writing with emphasis on EC projects.

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